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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thankhimsanchor: digging out from the deep freeze. the dangers of re-freezing tonight. joel: the latest school district's already canceling classes on monday. heather: orange county schools close tomorrow. joel: several other counties
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heather: johnston and harnett counties on a two-hour delay. you can find a complete list of closings at the bottom of your screen or on our webpage. joel: the latest information about this storm and its lasting effects. power crews making huge strides in restoring service. airlines are trying to clear the backlog of stranded travelers. angelica: it is a real mess out here. we are in the park ridge subdivision. let me give you a look at what we are seeing out here. a lot of the side road neighborhoods. a lot of ice and slush. this is going to keep the kids home in wake county. a lot of other counties around our viewing area. a lot of sunshine today.
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roads but the sun did not manage to melt any of this ice and slush year. you can hear our tires going right over it. many viewers have been updating us on what their neighborhoods look like. many people experiencing conditions like this. crews were outworking trying to clear the main roads. a welcome sight for those who haven't tried to die out drive on the ice in their neighborhood. >> we haven't ventured out other than this. a nice sledding hill over there. we've been enjoying it. angelica: people are making the most of it since they haven't really left home for the past couple of days. wake county schools announced that they would be close tomorrow.
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neighborhood is looking they said that is welcome news. we will keep rolling through the area and looking for other spots to update your. heather: it could be tricky to get out of many of those neighborhoods. the driver of this buick is shaken but alive after sliding off highway 16 751 near joran. accrue on the scene says the driver was not seriously hurt. >> the true wheels on this tractor-trailer was spinning in place. a large tow truck ultimately save the day. of the frozen hell. even plows were running the risk
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liz: we've been hearing from many of you on social media. you can see the road right here in the neighborhood is still filled with ice and very hard for school buses to get through. for good reason we're seeing those school cancellations. we do run the risk of more black ice overnight tonight. temperatures will continue to fall. freezing is expected overnight. neighborhood roads will be worse than the others. 34 in roxbury. they should tell you how quickly the temperatures are dropping. overnight we will see temperatures drop into the 20's. already by 9:00 at night. they will only continue to go down from there. we are tracking warmer weather which we much more helpful for melting.
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heather: it is a slow process but more and more travelers are finally getting off the ground at the airport. jetblue and southwest and united are back in business. it is time to clear the backlog of stranded passengers. elena: there's a major backlog here at the airport. services slowly resuming. united has very limited operations. southwest started service at 1:00 this afternoon. still seeing major problems in washington and philadelphia and new york. there only two flights that are leaving the new york city area. nothing going from here to those cities right now. airportsre continuing to dig
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reagan national still plowing the tarmac. we have folks stuck in cities since friday. they were exhausted by the time they landed here. >> very stressful. i have been ready to come home. elena: some other people haven't been so lucky. we have met people here at the airport or stranded. we are not seeing anything leaving for new york or philadelphia or washington. more than 600 flights have been canceled for monday. you'll want to check with your carrier if you are trying to fly
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heather: the number of power outages continues melting away. joel: statewide there are about 27,000 outages. 8600 customers without power in johnston county. one utility worker came up from florida to help get the power back on. ed: this is where duke energy and its contractors are set up to change shifts. some of the contractors came from as far away as florida like dustin spencer.
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are expected to be in the 70's. on the way out a pilot of boxes was ready to take with them to eat while working. they successfully restored power to tens of thousands. but they still have more work to do. her power was restored and is thankful that so many utility workers were braving the cold. now mother nature is actually helping out the power crews. the sun came up this morning and immediately started melting the ice. native power will be back on earlier than some had anticipated. they say their work is never more rewarding than in a
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here is hoping that if you are still without power you will be getting power soon. heather: a deadly dog attack. one child has died and another was hurt. the attack happened sometime today on oldham road in lumberton. we are working to learn more about the victim. joel: millions of americans stuck at home is sunday night. the crippling effects of a blizzard in the northeast. and how one football team's practice facility became a storm victim. joe: the panthers will host
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the arizona joel: the one word to describe the northeast is a buried. heather: the storm is responsible for two dozen deaths. ray: the storm is over but millions of americans are still stuck at home. especially in new york city. plows are working overtime. not to mention all the cars a
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today life is returning to the streets of the big apple after nearly a total transportation shutdown. people forced to to walk in the roads to get to work. new york got 26 inches. in washington to allow crews are working around the highways to the runways. the city counted 17 inches and the surrounding area was covered by more than two and a half feet. this practice facility for the redskins was no match for the snow. the dome was crushed by the snow. the roof crashed into the travel
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in new jersey coastal communities are dealing with the one-two punch of snow and floodwaters. so far no major damage. here in new york the subways are open. the airports will be full of operational until monday morning at the earliest. joel: we took a hit here but the northeast really took a strong blow. i live look at the roads here. heather: a lot of roads have been cleared but several of them
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it will be very very important that in the morning you are extremely careful driving. we got up to 47 degrees in raleigh. 45 in smithfield. we got a little help from mother nature. we are 34 on the ground right now. 41 in fayetteville. all of us are regained to cool on down and it will happen really quickly. now that the sun is down. by 9:00 we are anticipating 30 degrees. by midnight we will be closer to 28 degrees. temperatures will be falling very fast. very carefully very chilly temperatures overnight. clear skies usually allow us to cool off a little bit easier than if we had cloud cover. the winter storm is pretty much over for the north. we have been talking about these records set in washington and
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a little bit of lake effect snow falling here in upstate new york. not that much concern for the northeast. most of us are going to be very quiet overnight. 20 in durham. even cooler tonight that was overnight last night. that is why we will have the re-freezing. a bit of patchy fog as well. and i see start. temperatures going to warm up a little quicker than what we saw today. under bright sunshine. that is going to feel so nice out there.
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high pressure building and. that is going to hang out not only monday but tuesday as well. this cold front is approaching from tennessee. we will probably see that come through on wednesday. cloud cover will ramp up a bit. we could see just a few showers late in the evening on tuesday. on wednesday the big rain comes. showers off and on. probably less than a quarter of an inch of rain. but off and on all day long. a cool down as we returned to the 20's on thursday. by next weekend almost 60 degrees. a lot of sunshine.
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joe: is there was time right now. this is the first time in nfl history we will have a matchup
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the tar heels joe: live outside of bank of america stadium. counting down to the big nfc championship game. love them or hate them, cam newton is never boring. the quarterback is known for what he is wearing in the pregame. some unique attire for the big game. nothing really over the top. the silver shoes. no superman suggestions today. his favorite target is greg olsen.
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they worked hard to earn that number one seed. they have a huge opportunity at home. >> a lot of these guys in this locker room have never been in this position. we have the right demeanor. we will be right where we need to be for this game. joe: a defensive battle at mile high stadium in denver colorado. the broncos holding a 20-12 lead over the patriots. peyton manning thought to be done through a couple of touchdown passes in the first half. they have harassed tom brady all afternoon.
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the patriots a failed to convert to fourth-down conversions. the broncos are trying to hold on with an eight point lead. north carolina basketball game was moved up three hours so they can get the game in with adverse weather conditions. one team came out ready to play. that would be the team and blue. brice johnson up by 19. working hard on defense. deflecting the ball. clear sailing from here. it was just a five-point game at the half.
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two-point lead but johnson wound up with 19 points and 17 rebounds he helped the tar heels escape 75-70. the duke carolina women's game. neither are ranked. blue devils fired up early. closing the first quarter on an eight to nothing run. rebecca greenwell hits the jumper. duke wins the game 71-55. we are about 20 minutes from kickoff here at bank of america stadium.
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joel: that will do it for us
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